Why Detail? – Five Reasons

Why Detail? – Five Reasons

Interior Bliss

If you spend a lot of time in your car, it’s a whole lot less stressful when it is kept clean and tidy. Pro-Tec detailers take pride in ensuring that when folks pick up their vehicle – they have a smile as they drive off. At Pro-Tec, we spend a LOT of time in cars, so we know that driving a pristine vehicle makes driving an enjoyable experience. So even if you regularly clean and vacuum your car getting a full detail on a regular basis will keep you feeling great about driving it.

Vehicle Protection

The paint on your vehicle is often overlooked as a point of maintenance, but the paint and finish protects the body and preserves resale value. Over time, contaminants such as mud and salt can eat away at the finish, allowing rust and corrosion to eat away at your vehicle’s body. By keeping it clean, polished and waxed, you are protecting your vehicle and extending the life of the finish.

Contaminant Removal

Wisconsin winters are particularly hard on our vehicles. The salt, sand and mud contaminate the surface, causing scratches and leaving unwelcome deposits. During other times of the year, we are getting pelted with tree sap, bird droppings, dead bugs, and other residues that damage the finish. Our experienced detailers are knowledgeable in products that can remove these substances, preventing your vehicle from things that can permanently damage the paint.

Improved Visibility

Did you know that clean vehicles have been proven to be less likely to be in an accident? It’s true – mud, salt and dust can obscure headlights, signal lights and glass, making it more difficult to see and be seen. The experts at Pro-Tec use recommended cleaners on lights and windows, making your vehicle easier to drive, and more safe on the road.

Wheel and Tire Protection

Another thing that is often overlooked is the expensive wheels and tires that today’s vehicles come with. Brake residue, sand, mud and salt expose your car’s wheels to damage and corrosion. Tire sidewalls can crack, requiring them to be replaced before the tread wears out. Wheels can become corroded and become unsafe over time. Having your car regularly detailed means you have peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part in avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

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